Adventures with Grammy

Adventures with Grammy

Episode 42. Rekindle the magic in your life with the Five Keys of Greatness!

October 21, 2021

If you ever have found yourself in a dark place devoid of joy and happiness or are unsure of your next step, the award-winning debut novel The Little Book of Greatness by today’s guest, Ari Gunzburg, will resonate with you. It’s the story of David as he sits atop a cliff wondering why his life should go on.

Many have compared The Little Book of Greatness to The Alchemist, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and The Secret. Unlike those books, Gunzburg says the framework of his book and the five keys of greatness also will resonate with teens who often feel overwhelmed, alone, and unable to handle the pressures they face.

If you, your children, or your grandchildren need to regain confidence, rekindle the magic in your lives, or rediscover a purpose for your lives, join David on his journey as he interacts with five people who help him discover a more fulfilling life.

About Ari Gunzburg

Drawing on many life experiences from his “PhD” in the school of hard knocks, Ari now dedicates his life to helping others using motivational speaking, keynotes, podcasts, youth presentations and more to help share the lessons he has learned and build lives of meaning.

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