Adventures with Grammy

Adventures with Grammy

Episode 35. How to Feed Your Ninjas

September 02, 2021

Tracy Johnson, the author of How to Feed Your Ninjas, is today’s guest. Her journey began 40 years ago when she was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease. She discovered exercise and a healthy diet eased her symptoms, and for 20 years she has been symptom-free without medication.

Her brother’s diagnosis with a cancer that would not respond to conventional treatment inspired Tracy to research immunotherapy. Grief-stricken with her brother’s refusal to consider changing his diet and his subsequent death, Tracy turned her attention to sharing her message with children.

In addition, she created a nonprofit organization, the by KARRI Project, to create a solid foundation for the physical and emotional health of our future…starting with the very young.

Welcome, Tracy. Please tell our listeners more about your journey and the story of how the Ninjas boost our immune system.

NOTE: Neither Tracy Johnson, nor Carolyn Berry and the Adventures with Grammy Podcast are offering medical advice. The information discussed in this podcast is a discussion of Tracy Johnson's personal journey. If you have questions about the medical information shared in this episode, or any episode of the podcast, consult your personal physican.

Tracy Johnson, Founder ‘by KARRI Project’
Louisville, CO

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