A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

M 60 Three Keys to the Elevator Pitch

August 13, 2020


You know how, I do this to solve it, and proof is a great foundation to an elevator pitch. Listen for another way to enhance this for a dramatic impact.

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Minisode 60. Welcome back to the show. Please share picture of the episode on your Social Media Spread, the word tag somebody you. No really appreciate the love and thank you again for listening.

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Today's will be probably short again, it's about the elevator pitch a couple of different ways to do it's kind of. Two. Exercises for you. When you look at your webpage like above the fold, which means before you scroll down, it should be able to answer the patients questions. In the right place, what do you treat?

Can you tell me things like that but three questions you can ask identifying your customers problem Then explain your plan to help them. Describe a successful ending to the story. It's kind of like a one liner, right? The elevator pitch from what this person was talking about is very similar.

Identify Customers problem. He says, you start off your elevator pitch, you know how and you talk about that problem to.

Explain your plan to help them. It sounds like this I do this to solve it. So you know how you always get headaches around three o'clock in the afternoon I do this to solve it. I can show you nutritional ways to help remedy that ergonomic training or deliver carpet adjustments in their part.

Describe a successful ending to the story which can be translated to finish with proof carpet adjustments for headaches, and we have an eighty five percent success rate finished with proof and patients are getting better and four five visits consistently, or we got fifty five Google reviews and get more every month. Now, that's probably a good one too because that's showing social proof. Really. It's a similar formula for that.

Infamous one liner mine is please help me if you don't like it. Tell me if you get headaches low back pain or numbness that's my bread and butter cases help with stop suffering come experience Dr Justin's car party treatments.

Yeah. No it could use a little work another variation of head. This was all my web page right now.

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