A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

E 158 Content Marketing CheatSheet with Kevin Christie Modern Chiropractic Marketing

July 10, 2020

Dr. Kevin Christie, DC talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast.

Learn how to do Content Marketing and over 6 strategies to implement it. Dr. Kevin Christie joins us to discuss his new book Doing It Right, Modern Chiropractic Marketing.

Dr. Kevin Christie of Modern Chiropractic Marketing and DeskJockey Podcasts joins the show. He has a new book coming out called “Doing It Right, Modern Chiropractic Marketing” and should be available to purchase now. Disclosure I did get a complimentary copy of the book. For more info visit: bit.ly/doingitrightmcm

We cover how busy doctors can do Content Marketing. From the first year out who has more time than money and the seasoned businessman who can spend money and delegate the work out to professionals, this interview will cover strategies in modern marketing.

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Content Marketing for Doctors is educating your community on conditions that you want to treat in an engaging and informative way, actually providing value.

3 Types of Patient LifeCycles

1. Patient Never contacted your office

2. Patient Experience as a client

3. Inactive patient who was a patient at some point

Which leads to the point of why a Weekly Email to past clients is so important.

Do your past patients refer to you as MY doctor or That doctor I went to before when telling others?

You can Create or Curate Content or Re-purpose the content you already have.

Good idea to target for Value and People Already In Your Office

When and why would we want to purge our email list from people who haven’t engaged with the emails.

How does retention and referrals play together?

Education Based Marketing and the Patient Experience

* Concise Report Of Finding - Got to have great patient communication* Provide Content during the Treatment : This could be videos or handouts of FAQs or you demonstrating exercises you always give by sending a link to your youtube video* Reception room physical handouts to read instead of magazines* Onboarding Email Series (welcome and what to expect, info on low back problems, neck issues and fourth is a soft sale on other products or services they can purchase)

Automate, Outsource, Delegate Marketing is what we should strive for as doctors.

We touch on his Recovery Center options (cyrotherapy chamber, compression boots etc) and if he thinks it a wise decision these days.

When should you be sending out high quality newsletters and birthday cards, since postage isn’t cheap? (average total patient value and per visit average)

Facebook custom audience strategy from your own patients for reactivation, keeping your name at Top Of Mind Awareness and prospecting for new patients.

When should we do a lookalike audience versus more of a broad topic versus a niche based on activities, hobbies etc?

How do you break up your budget into broad vs niche social media ads?

BOOKS: Kim Walsh-Phillips & Dan Kennedy