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E 149 Psychology Cop Doc and True Crime Podcaster Dr Shiloh Catanese round 2

March 19, 2020

Dr. Shiloh Catanese PsyD talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast.

Forensic psychologist and true crime podcast host Dr. Shiloh Catanese Psyd will discuss the rise of her show as well as what a FP does. We cover police counseling, suicide awareness and how she has come
full circle from her previous interview.

Why did she and her best friend and fellow forensic psychologist start the podcast, LA Not so Confidential? It’s a true crime podcast but they approach and talk more about the clinical psychology
side of these cases. It’s conversational and non-scripted. Definitely worth a listen if you want a more ‘clinical’ style of true crime entertainment.

Listen to see how they got sponsors, why she uses anchor to host her podcast RSS feed and the opportunities they have had to do live shows at multiple true crime podcast conventions. They even keep a
reference list for all the credible resources they use for each show.

We discuss what is Forensic Psychology. Is it criminal profiling and helping police find serial killers?

Dr. Catanese discusses what her day to day looks like as a police based forensic psychologist. What types of issues do police officers and their family see her for? Also, part of her job is to be on scene
for hostage negotiations?

She was a previous guest (episode 22 - top download for nearly 2 years) and she counseled a completely different group of people (inmates) but now treats officers. Since nearly her entire family (including herself at one point) are police officers, it’s like she came full circle with her career and offers her clients amazing insight.

Suicide prevention is an important topic these days because it is on the rise for teenagers as well as police officers. At the end of the interview she gives a PSA on suicide and why we need to pay attention.

What is the Deadly Triad?

How many times would an officer most likely see a psychologist after a fire arm release? Would it surprise you to know that it is extremely rare to ever have to fire your gun in the line of duty.

Dr. Shiloh (of the LA Not so Confidential podcast) has to be able to offer counseling services to officers who are arrested (and should know better really), without judging and only confront how they
are processing it all. Her unique background with sex offenders gives her quite the edge to remain unbiased.

Why does she recommend that police have non law enforcement friends?

Books: Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement - Kevin Gilmartin


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Show notes can be found at http://www.adoctorsperspective.net/149 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

Her daughters podcast (who is 7 years old) is Career Quest with Sydney

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