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A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

M 52 Why Keep A Small Office Footprint

March 05, 2020

Minisode 52 Why Keep A Small Office Footprint

Lessons from a 18000 sq ft office with $75000 monthly overhead. Group and specialized youth classes are amazing but why would he have chosen to have a smaller place but more expensive fee office footprint.

So today's show, masters of fitness Episode 42 is bigger, better. Their interview a man who has a million dollar gym, 18,000 square feet, that's huge is in the DC area. And we just they pick his brain.
And so let's go over some of the highlights today. Okay, stay tuned to the end, I'll tell you about if he had to do it over what he would do. We'll talk about care packages, visit packages, that's been working.
But first, he definitely says look, you want to be a mentor.

All right, if somebody younger than you or just doesn't have the experience you have I'll ask you questions. Think about it, maybe offer them some advice. You don't know where they are. Maybe
you were in a spot where you needed a mentor, and maybe somebody was nice enough to give it to you. And I'm not saying you gotta you don't have to charge them. You know, we just It feels good to help other people.
Right? Of course Be careful the leeches, but you know General, it can help spark someone overcome their own obstacles. And as they say, when you teach somebody, it really solidifies what you know.

Alright, so the downside, we all want a plus employees to have ownership that just really love the vision that you have and want to see you grow in the practice grow, okay, but the thing is, most people,
they don't care. Right? You know, they don't care if they make the boss more money, they just want a job. And of course, as the owner, you expect a lot out of your employees, probably more than they actually want to

So there's that balance of how do you get the most out of your employees without driving them away? And how do you get them motivated to take ownership in the in the clinic that you have?

Now, the second piece, he said, You know, when you're out on your own as a personal trainer, you know, in this instance, or maybe as a new doctor, you might not have the confidence or the skill level
or the problem or to the confidence to command the higher fees.

Okay. So you might will indeed, oh, let's Do a $29 initial exam. Let's let's do 50% off eyeglasses, oh, I don't know this, this and that. But like in the gym world, there's always these
deals, you know, especially for personal training, maybe you charge $75 an hour, but I just read in the heat this month or a new, I'ma just charge them 55. And if they buy like a package of 10, or something like that,
and then my gosh, there's so much more work and you get kind of burned out because you're not getting paid for what you know, you should be worth ends up, just bite you in the butt.

They say, between you not making enough money and then if you have to end up raising the fees and they get upset or maybe they're like a troublesome client, and you're like, dude, you got a good deal
and you're this much trouble like What in the world?

So, one of the things he had it was he got an office manager, and they she was streamline thing is like you gotta stop giving deals. The price is the price. Especially if like they refer somebody and they
get a different price. They might feel cheated, like wait, I paid I was paying 50 this guy's paying 49 right, so anyway, so everybody gets upset. All right.

Next up, the sexy beast is pro athletes. All right? Oh, you know, Jerry Rice, who is Drew Brees? Yeah, let's let's treat these guys. Well, here's the thing. A lot of these people are, it's
seasonal, right? It's a seasonal thing.