A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

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M 40 Opioid Management 360
September 07, 2019

Patient education on post surgical expectations of pain, living with low grade pain, 30 day treatment cycles with 4 different specialties are all aspects of how to reduce the opioid crisis.

M 39 IG Worthy Office Sign Snaps
September 05, 2019

Hear how having an interior cool office sign can increase your organic local hashtag traffic and engagement. Also I cover tactics from a dentist who has 100K followers, like posting to your avator and local hashtags.

E 139 Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet Deep Dive with James Kelley MD
September 03, 2019

Learn about the 5 day fast mimicking diet, prolon by L-nutra. Clinically shown to act like a water fast but you eat and still get apoptosis, autophagy, stem cell rejuvenation and reduces IGF-1, mTOR and improves cholesterol while losing visceral fat.

M 38 Intrinsic Motivation or Power of Positive Thinking
August 31, 2019

Building a healthy dose of self worth and growing in your knowledge and presentation is going to build the value that will land you the sales you desire. Listen to learn what that means and how to get it.

M 37 Patients Want These Things On Your Website
August 29, 2019

Patients want a small number of options on your website: like online scheduling. What can we do to optimize our sites and in the office for their satisfaction while also getting more new patients? Tons of tips on this episode.

E 138 Myth Busting House Call Chiropractic Dr Jen Faber
August 27, 2019

Low overhead, no insurance, cash pay, more time with patients and higher fees are reasons to switch to house call chiropractic. Dr. Jen Faber had a successful HC practice and now consults with others to gain the same. Plus we chat travel and novelty.

M 36 Live Event Planning
August 24, 2019

How to host a live event or small mastermind retreat, schedule and format, and how to make it a bonus from a high ticket item or upsell it from a stage.

M 35 Advice On Giving Advice
August 22, 2019

No one likes to be given unsolicited advice. How can you share your opinion without being annoying? What questions should we ask?

E 137 Time Freedom with House Call Chiropractor Patrick Isaacs DC
August 20, 2019

House call chiropractic is a great way to achieve time freedom. We discuss the advantages, potential liability, working in a gym, types of equipment, and Patrick Isaacs DC second passion, campus ministry.

M 34 Relevant Hashtags and Name Tags
August 17, 2019

Instagram branding with filters, colors and layout. Hashtags and Name tags should be relevant, and don’t forget to embellish your stories with polls.