Adjust the Mic Podcast

Adjust the Mic Podcast

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Adjust the Mic Episode #81 Super Lightning Palm Neck Man
December 16, 2020

Episode 81 is done son. Thank you Travis Melvin for joining us on this episode and sharing with us some of your life’s events. Getting struck by lightning & having […]

Adjust the Mic Episode #80 The Dishwasher Diaries
December 09, 2020

Episode #80 is ready for everyone to listen and laugh at Scotts weekend and that takes up on a special kind of podcast trip where we just have a great […]

Adjust the Mic Episode #79 Among Us
December 02, 2020

Episode #79 was recorded on a cold evening in wonderful and delightful Titusville, FL. Among us this evening was Colleen, Charley, Chris, Scott along with 4th time on the show […]

Adjust the Mic Episode #78
November 25, 2020

Episode #78 was recorded while everyone else in Titusville is at Shilohs, Irish Pub, Pier 22, and so on. Hope everyone is safe and has fun tonight! Shout out to […]

Adjust the Mic Episode #77 Spatchcocking with Chris
November 18, 2020

Episode #77 was recorded on Nov 17th at 6pm. In attendance was Colleen, Charley, Chris, and Scott. We talked about a range of topics locally related and holiday related. Some […]

Adjust the Mic Episode #76 Chocolate Covered Charley
November 11, 2020

Episode #76 is upon you. We have some fun on this episode as there is a little delirium kicking in due to the effect of our week. All except for […]

Adjust the Mic Episode #75 Pasta Fagioli
November 05, 2020

Episode #75 was recorded by Charley and Scott. We refuse to tell everyone what we talked about. Download and listen to the show to find out

Adjust the Mic Episode #74 Vibe Farming @ Epsilon
November 04, 2020

Episode #74 Is up and ready for you to enjoy. On this episode we discuss the Vibe Farming going on with this amazing group of people.   I would also like […]

Adjust the Mic Episode #73 In Love with the Coco
October 28, 2020

Episode #73 was recorded on the evening of 10/28. With us on this show was Colleen, Charley, Chris, Scott and guest and long time friend Dawn Hill. We had fun […]

Adjust the Mic Episode #72 Exposing Ourselves on the Shelf
October 24, 2020

Episode 72 was recorded on Sat the 24th in the morning. We seem to have our best shows on Sat or Sunday mornings. This episode we ask each other some […]