A Different Kind of Psychiatry

A Different Kind of Psychiatry

A Picky Patient Finally Finds Love: Her 10th Therapist Gets to the Heart of the Problem

November 30, 2022

This episode features the audio from one of the ACO case presentation series webinars. Chris Burritt, D.O., tells Dr. Marcel about his patient Beth, who reached out for help after having no success with nine other therapists. Although Beth came to Dr. Burritt asking for medication, she also said she wanted to “get to the root of things.” During the first year of therapy, Dr. Burritt developed a solid foundation of trust and support with Beth that allowed her to finally deal with the heart of her problems. Find out how Dr. Burritt’s methods helped her build the groundwork to tolerate expanded functioning in her work and love life.

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A Different Kind Of Psychiatry

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