A Different Kind of Psychiatry

A Different Kind of Psychiatry

The ACO Sociopolitical Discussion Group: Addressing Polarized Political Views

October 27, 2022

With the social and political divide that intensified in the U.S. after the 2016 election, doctors Peter A. Crist and Edward Chastka, two ACO psychiatrists, started a sociopolitical discussion group in February of 2017. They wanted to give people an opportunity to look at varying social and political views in our country and in the world using principles from their therapy practices that would allow participants to discuss opposing views with an open mind and get to the heart of the problem. The two doctors taught the group basic principles about how people think and express themselves, so that participants were then able to apply those precepts to working with others in the group, in other social and political situations, and in their personal lives. Listen in to hear an interview with the doctors about the group and their experience.

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A Different Kind Of Psychiatry

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