A Different Kind of Psychiatry

A Different Kind of Psychiatry

A Pandemic of Panic

April 01, 2020

Dr. Burritt interviews Peter Crist M.D. about his observations and thinking about the current global pandemic. He provides a  fresh approach to looking at the situation and clarifies some of the confusion contributing to our anxiety as the virus pandemic moves from country to country and state to state. He explains how functional thinking can help individuals and Governments and clarifies how anxiety manifests and spreads in individuals and groups. If his insights and advice are helpful we hope you’ll share with friends and family.

As Dr. Crist says – we cannot be ostriches hiding our heads and not looking nor be in a panic looking but not seeing. We must all have courage, stand our anxiety, and perceive perceive perceive.

The ACO trains doctors and lay people in functional thinking, developed by Wilhelm Reich M.D., through the medical orgonomy and social orgonomy training programs.

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A Different Kind Of Psychiatry

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