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A.D. History Podcast

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A History of Christian Persecutions in Rome & Founding San Marino | 301AD-310AD
October 19, 2021

Despite an infamous reputation, Rome's policy towards Christianity was never consistent, with many ambiguous turns painting a muddy picture.

Founding the Gupta Empire, Mayan Classical Period & More! | What We Missed Third Century AD
September 25, 2021

In our "What We Missed," we take our first steps exploring the Gupta Empire. As well as discussing the Mayan Civilization's Classical Period.

How Diocletian Ended Rome’s Crisis Of The Third Century P.2 | 291AD-300AD
September 11, 2021

Diocletian’s reforms ending Rome’s Crisis of the Third Century are greatest in how he changed Rome’s military, and new army of bureaucrats.

How Diocletian Ended Rome’s Crisis Of The Third Century P.1 | 281AD-290AD
August 28, 2021

Diocletian set out not to merely end Rome's third century crisis, his reforms aimed to recreate the Roman Empire into his idealized vision.

The Men Who Followed Aurelian: Crisis Continues | 275AD-280AD
August 14, 2021

The men who followed Aurelian before Diocletian arrives barely kept Rome's ship afloat, and only continued the Crisis of the Third Century.

How Did Aurelian Reunite the Roman Empire? | 271AD-280AD
July 31, 2021

Emperor Aurelian is best known for his success reuniting the Roman Empire. But how did he do it, when all others who tried failed?

How Historically Accurate is The Death of Stalin (2017)? | A.D. HISTORY WATCHES
July 17, 2021

How historically accurate is the 2017 comedy “The Death of Stalin”? As funny as the film is, it plays fast and loose with it’s history.

How Truly Gallic Was The Gallic Empire? | 261AD-270AD
July 03, 2021

For a so-called Gallic Empire splitting from Rome, it's still very Roman. Also, the Palmyrene Empire is also trying to split from Rome itself.

Why Did The Roman Economy Fail In The Third Century? | 251AD-260AD
June 19, 2021

A special guest dives into how the ancient Roman economy worked, and what lead to it's near collapse in the Crisis of the Third Century.

Korea Stands Up to Cao Wei & Who Exactly Were the Sassanids? | 241AD-250AD
June 05, 2021

One of the Korean Three Kingdoms stands up to Cao Wei, and we take a much closer look as to who the Sassanids were as a civilization.