Learn English Through Listening

Learn English Through Listening

Psychology Behind English Language Success Ep 591

November 17, 2022
English Listening Practice - How To Instil Success and Achievement In Yourself

Language learning success and achievement don’t just happen, they are the product of psychological growth. When we understand the psychology behind success and achievement we can  better develop intrinsic skills and qualities that lead to  self-motivation, discipline, focus, determination, and hard work. How to  handle and guide your brain's growth is the topic of today's English lesson.

The research shows that achievement comes as a result of setting goals and taking  continuous steps towards them. Humans are hard-wired to keep moving  toward a goal and success. You should understand the psychology behind  this inclination and apply it to your life when you want to achieve  something.

We are living in a world where celebrity culture is becoming more and more pervasive,  and it is all about being rich, beautiful and famous, which leaves a  distorted sense of what real success means. Children must be taught the  value of hard work and determination. They must also be taught time  management skills to avoid procrastination. You need to instil in your  children the importance of being independent thinkers and problem  solvers, not just consumers of information.

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