Learn English Through Listening

Learn English Through Listening

English Contractions Quick Guide For Beginners And ESL Students Ep 587

November 03, 2022

English Grammar Lesson - Understanding Contractions

Today we are going to cover English contractions. The most common ones, the ones you will hear native English speakers using repeatedly, all day long. This is an **English grammar lesson ( https://adeptenglish.com/english/grammar/ ) which will help beginners grasp the use of contractions**. It’s a great lesson recap for ESL students, with a short quiz at the end of the lesson to make sure you understand them.

You might have noticed the cover art for this lesson (https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hZGVwdGVuZ2xpc2guY29tL2ZlZWQvcG9kY2FzdC8 ), which talks about 101. 101 was originally an academic term, but it has since migrated into everyday speech. 101 is typically used to mean the start, the beginning of a study topic or course. So the next time you hear, `101 just think of it as the beginning`, the start of a topic. 

✔Lesson transcript: https://adeptenglish.com/lessons/grammar-english-contractions/

The first known use of 101 was, as an introductory course number, found in a 1929 University of Buffalo course catalogue. The term has now migrated from academic jargon, where it referred to introductory courses, into everyday speech.

The term 101 commonly describes a beginner’s guide to something, so if you’re looking for the best way to learn about something, or get started with a topic.

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