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Learn English Through Listening

Eating At A British Restaurant In 2022 Listening Practice Ep 585

October 27, 2022
Conversations In English - What Does Eating Out In The UK Look Like In 2022?

Vegetarian  or Vegan? Allergic to nuts or gluten? Whether you're eating in a  British restaurant or ordering takeaway, it's NOT as easy to find  something that suits your diet in 2022. In this podcast we discuss eating habits and trends in the UK and what’s on the menu at British restaurants.  If you are food-sensitive, or if you don’t eat meat and/or are vegan,  what are your kitchen options during your travels in the UK? Listen to  this podcast about eating out in Britain for some helpful tips and for useful vocabulary.

✔Lesson transcript: https://adeptenglish.com/lessons/conversations-in-english-british-restaurant-2022/

This is where today’s podcast comes in. What are the options in a British restaurant if you don't eat  meat or are vegan? And if you don’t know what the word vegan or  vegetarian means, then listen on.

You  can see the changes in the food industry as you walk through a British  town. Lots of independent restaurants are gone, the big food chains seem  to hang in there, but the prices have really gone up a lot.  You can see that corners are being cut. You will see less serving  staff, longer wait times and the little extras you used to get for free  are gone, all to squeeze out profits. Also, gone are the exotic food  options on menus now you get the affordable and practical options.

With lock-downs, economic slowdowns and energy price melt downs, we talk about going out to eat in the UK in 2022.