Learn English Through Listening

Learn English Through Listening

How To Succeed In English Language Learning Ep 569

September 01, 2022
Make More English Language Learning Progress By Doing Less

Today I’m going to share some useful ideas and tips for learning English. You’ve come here to improve your language skills, so today I have some practical tips and a philosophical idea that will help you improve your English language learning.

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If  you want to learn English efficiently, then you need to focus on the  following; settings goals and consistently working towards those goals.  First, you need to set realistic goals, objectives that fit with your  lifestyle and circumstances or you will change your lifestyle to  accommodate. Next, you need to be consistent in working at achieving  your goals, constantly working towards improvement.

Sounds  simple, right? Goals and consistency. So why do so many language  learners set unrealistic goals? You know the get excited, and I will  watch a few "Learn English in 3 hours..." on YouTube and I’ll be speaking English fluently, type goals. And people who set these types of unrealistic expectations then double down and think cramming and binge watching or reading for a day will somehow make learning English happen.

The  secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting  started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small  manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.

⭐ Mark Twain

Your  brain is amazing, but language learning needs a lot of long-term memory  training. This type of long-term memory storage gets activated through  repetition and consistency. Today we explain why making regular "little  and often" progress towards real objectives is a safer, more efficient  approach to learning a language, and we give lots of examples and tips  as we talk it through.