Learn English Through Listening

Learn English Through Listening

English Speaking-How To Go From Understanding English To Speaking It Ep 505

January 20, 2022

Today we move from understanding English to speaking it. I will show you, with the permission of one of our German listeners, what moving to speaking English sounds like. And just to be fair, I will show you what I sound like speaking German, as I move from understanding German to speaking it. If you’re at this stage of learning to speak English, it’s definitely worth listening to the end of today’s podcast.

I can understand English, but I have a hard time with English speaking. What should I do?

✔Lesson transcript: https://adeptenglish.com/lessons/english-speaking-from-understanding-to-speaking/

If you have listened to my podcasts, you will know I’m also learning to speak other languages, just like you are. I’m currently working on my French language, and today I have a real treat for you as I got the chance to speak in German.

Every English language learner will get a stage where you have learned to  understand basic English, but you can’t seem to speak it. It can be a really frustrating time, where you can understand native English speakers but not be able to speak English yourself. You feel you’ve hit a  wall and that there’s nothing other than practice to help you get over  the hump. You’re in luck. We have covered this topic before. Today you get more advice and you can listen to some real-world examples of how this transition sounds.

This podcast is all about showing you that transitioning from understanding to speaking English is possible. You are not alone. Every language learner goes through this stage at some point. Finally, the podcast will give you some suggestions on how to make the move from understanding English  to actually being able to speak it.

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