Learn English Through Listening

Learn English Through Listening

Hello 2022 Wave Goodbye To 2021 Try To Forget 2020 English Listening Practice Numbers Ep 499

December 30, 2021

This is an English lesson where you get to practice listening to Numbers. Today we say hello to 2022, and we wave goodbye to 2021,  and try to forget 2020. Talking about numbers naturally in a new  language is always tricky, so today we will help explain how we use  numbers in everyday English conversations.

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Let me give you an example. “Adept English has had an exceptional year in 2021, we now regularly have five hundred thousand listeners every month.” (500,000). Now someone else might say “2021 was  an exceptional year for Adept English, we now have over half a million listeners every month!”

Those are real numbers. It really has been an exceptional year for  us! The point is, you say numbers differently when you talk about money,  statistics, phone numbers, people’s ages and so on. So you need to hear  numbers being used in lots of different scenarios to understand others  talking about numbers, and of course, for you to sound natural when you  talk about numbers.

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