Learn English Through Listening

Learn English Through Listening

Homophones-Avoid Mistakes With Confusing Words As We Learn The English Language Ep 494

December 13, 2021

Not  knowing what a homophone is or what the common ones are could leave you  sounding silly in your next English conversation. In today’s English grammar podcast we explain the problem, we help you practice spotting common homophones  and we test you just to keep you on your toes as we learn how to speak  the English language.

Everything You Need To Know About Homophones In English, Zeroing In On The Confusing Ones

Let’s face it: All languages have at least one annoying characteristic or grammar rule you just have to accept and learn. The English language has a lot  of rules that seem arbitrary, with countless exceptions and "special  cases" that are just plain weird. Homophones are a great example of  this.

The problem with  homophones is that they can trip you up. Homophones are tricky because  they sound the same when spoken, but have a different meaning. Or said  another way, a perfect way of catching out new English language students during a conversation.

What did one homophone say to comfort the other homophone? Their, there, they're.

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Although  in today’s lesson we stick to an Adept English rule, and only work on  the homophones you really need, the most common ones. I spent some time  trying to identify what single sounding English word has the most  possible meanings.

I'm sure you can suggest better ones,  but I came up with "Carrot, carat, karat and caret". 4 Words which  sound "Exactly the same" when spoken in English. They mean; a vegetable,  the weight of gems, the fineness/purity of gold and finally a  typographical mark.

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