Learn English Through Listening

Learn English Through Listening

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Conversation In English On Psychology Of Intensive Learning Ep 423
April 08, 2021

Your brain is an amazing machine. Just like any machine, with a little care and attention and a little understanding, you will get the most out of it. Today’s conversation in English is about listening to English, practising your listening comprehension a

English Conversation Practice On Words That Help Describe The Colour Blue Ep 422
April 05, 2021

Maybe it is the plunge in temperature that made me think about today’s colour, or maybe the wonderful flowers that have coloured my garden. The result is an English conversation practice podcast that takes a thorough analysis into the many types of a sing

Little English Words That Often Cause Difficulties Ep 421
April 01, 2021

Once more we delve into the nuance of English language. Taking what appears to be at face value the simplest of English words and navigating their often illogical use. So today we have an ESL English grammar lesson on teeny English locational prepositions

English Phrases And Vocabulary Used In The UK 2021 Census Ep 420
March 29, 2021

With so much of our time spent trying to protect our private data, especially online. It may come as a surprise to you that UK law requires us citizens to complete a rather intrusive census once every 10 years. So we go from being a checkbox ninja, trying

Spring Has Arrived Ep 419
March 25, 2021

Today we help you learn English conversation with a talk about Spring, gardens and flowers. Improving your English comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciation is the focus of today’s lesson. So put on your headphones on and find 10 minutes to invest in yo

Learning The English Language Is A Marathon Not A Sprint Ep 418
March 22, 2021

So how long does it take to learn to speak English? Learning to speak the English language is going to be a marathon, not a Sprint. Here at Adept English we help you get a great time for your marathon, but we cannot change the race into a sprint. Even whe

Improve Your English Listening While We Talk About Anxiety Ep 417
March 18, 2021

I think it says quite a lot about our societies that we have emoji icons for anxiety. Worrying is a part of everyone’s life, without exception. For some, worry can spill over into a dominating force in their lives. Today we are going to practice English l

Strange Smells In This English Listening Practice Lesson Ep 416
March 15, 2021

Today we talk about strange smells in our English listening practice lesson. I’ve never lost my sense of smell or taste, but recently a relative of mine lost their sense of smell and that started a really interesting conversation. A conversation I thought

Volcanos and Lava In A Conversation With English Listening Practice Ep 415
March 11, 2021

We have many interesting geological structures in the UK, but we are missing one. The UK has no active volcanos, thank goodness. However, you don’t have to travel far to find volcanos and today we are going to discuss this as our English listening practic

How to do Passive Voice for English Verbs in Present and Past Tenses Ep 414
March 08, 2021

Today, in the UK, children are going back to school. We wish them all good luck and thank goodness they can meet up with friends and get socialising again. While I am sure it will take time for schools to get back to normal, just getting out of the house