Latest Episodes

#10 – Branding is all about differentiation, memorability and consistency
November 10, 2019

with branding and WordPress expert Shane Rielly from Lonely Viking

What's Coming Up
November 08, 2019

What you can look forward to coming up on the podcast including competitions

#9 – 009 I have ADHD too and I lost focus - a brief update
November 08, 2019

An update on what's been happening with the podcast for ADHD entrepreneurs

007 Creating a structure is so important because our mind is so unorganised
March 10, 2019

ADHD expert and best-selling author Dr Dawn Brown talks to us

006 How to build a business doing what you love
March 05, 2019

With Lee Jackson from Agency Trailblazer and Angled Crown

005 Stop doing boring surveys and make surveys great again
February 08, 2019

With Baptiste Debever, founder of Feedier

004 You have the ability to create a product
February 08, 2019

As a business owner YOU have the ability to create a product. Whether you know that or not yet is a different story

003 Writing A Chat Bot Dialogue Is Like Writing A Play
February 06, 2019

Chat bot specialist Vince Wicker joins me to talk about using intelligent technology to communicate your message more effectively

002 Stop trying to be a Jack of all trades and learn how to find your niche
January 29, 2019

Subtitle: The podcast for ADHD business owners and aspiring business owners

001 Why have I started a podcast for entrepreneurs with ADHD?
January 28, 2019

The podcast for ADHD business owners and aspiring business owners