Addiction Unlimited Podcast | Life Coach | Alcoholic

Addiction Unlimited Podcast | Life Coach | Alcoholic

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How To Reclaim Your Relationship When One Partner Gets Sober
May 18, 2022

Alcoholic Spouse Choosing to get sober can be one of the scariest, wildest, and most beautiful decisions you ever make. - But what about the people you share your life with and, possibly, shared drink

The Bottom Line On The High-Functioning Alcoholic
May 11, 2022

High Functioning Alcoholic Many people deny a drinking problem because they are a high functioning alcoholic. You haven't had a tragic rock bottom moment yet, so you can continue to tell yourself, "I'

The Hidden Secrets of People & Porn Addiction
May 04, 2022

Porn Addiction One of the fastest growing addictions is sex and porn addiction. - Just because something is uncomfortable to talk about, doesn’t mean we can ignore it and sweep it under the rug becaus

Simplified Answers You Need To Uncommon Questions
April 27, 2022

People often ask me their most challenging life questions and want to know how I manage the day-to-day struggles we all go through. - And I will always tell you I live and die by knowing myself, my st

Therapist Approved: Why Healthy Boundaries Make Your Life Easier
April 20, 2022

You want to set healthy boundaries, but you feel guilty. - A people-pleaser in a family that didn’t talk about feelings, sweep everything under the rug, and maybe you were labeled as 'too emotional'.

Helpful Secrets You Need To Stop The Self-Control Tailspin Now
April 13, 2022

You may equate self-discipline and self-control to be virtually the same thing, and according to Webster’s Dictionary they pretty much are. But when it comes to the world of psychology, they are defin

Inside View That Will Make Your Recovery Better
April 06, 2022

You want to learn how to stop letting alcohol ruin your mood, your behavior, and damaging your life. But figuring out weekends, and vacations, and coping skills all feel overwhelming. - It feels like

Stuck In A Rut: My Growth Is At A Standstill
March 30, 2022

Do you feel like you are in a bit of a personal rut? You’re in good company: the number of people struggling with their mental health has increased considerably in the past two years. - Thankfully, fe

A Dirty Little Secret: Sober In The Service Industry
March 23, 2022

When you work in the service industry as a bartender, server, chef, or anything else, you know firsthand the culture is all about late nights and hard partying. - People who work in restaurants, food

Secrets About Self-Esteem That Will Blow Your Mind
March 16, 2022

My whole life I was a quitter. - I’d work out for awhile then quit. I’d lose a few pounds then quit and gain it back. I’d start a new thing I wanted to do, and as soon as it was hard I’d quit. - I was