Addiction Practice Pod

Addiction Practice Pod

Addiction Practice Pod, Episode 6: Indigenous perspectives on health and wellness, substance use, and harm reduction

December 01, 2020

Nearly five British Columbians are dying every day of an overdose, but Indigneous peoples in our region face disproportionate harms: If you’re Indigenous, you are four times more likely to die of an overdose than the rest of the population

In this episode, family physician and addiction medicine specialist Dr. Robert Fox and journalist David Ball discuss why clinicians should be mindful of the disproportionate impact of overdose crisis on Indigenous peoples, and best practices to address the disparity.

Guests this episode include:

  • Oh Po Kwa Nee (also known as Claudette Cardinal) Community investigator with Canadian Observational Cohort Collaboration (CANOC)
  • Dr. Terri Aldred, Primary care physician, Carrier Sekani Family Services