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1.10: What are the trends in freelancing?
June 16, 2020

We speak with Lihi Lutan, COO at Stoke Talent, about trends in freelancing, and how COVID is accelerating the shaping of the traditional company.  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/aboveandbelow/support

2.7: InsurTech Movement with Amber Woulett
March 21, 2020

I chat with Amber Woulett, Director of Marketing of Bold Penguin and also YouTube host of The Insurance Nerdery. We talk about the InsurTech movement, how insurance agents aren’t going anywhere; not matter how many drones try to take over! And how her wor

2.6: Boosting Your Growing Business Through Writing with Helena Escalante
March 21, 2020

Copy Queen Helena Escalante works with authors, thought leaders and CEO’s to boost the digital presence through strategic writing. I sit with her and nerd out about the importance of copy. Helena also shares tips on how you can bring more viewers to your

2.5: Spiritual Wisdom to Guide Your True Path with Felicia Hinds-Patrick
March 21, 2020

What is your purpose? What emerges when you surrender? I ask coach and spiritual guide Felicia Hinds-Patrick on her journey from being a big shot in finance living the “perfect” picket fence life and how she chose to dive deeper to find her calling, picki

2.4: Bringing Self-Care Into Your Lifestyle with Krystle Robinson-Hershey
March 21, 2020

I sit with founder of Sage and Elm Apothecary, Krystle Robinson-Hershey about her story encountering the struggles of mental health that shifted her path into healing through plant medicine and guiding her customers through self-care practices. --- Su

2.3: Shifting Women’s Consciousness into Mid-Life with Michelle Aspinwall
March 17, 2020

How can women reprogram themselves to stay healthy and balanced as they transition into mid-life? I sit down with Michelle Aspinwall; coach, author and skincare specialist to talk about how she helps women evolve into mid life with ease and what she had t

2.2: Coworking + Community: An Unconventional Path with Danielle Stroble
March 07, 2020

Danielle Strobel started her career early and was a leader in the male dominated industry of Indy car racing before starting her own Coworking Space in California. We talk about her story and beginnings in a would before #metoo and how Danielle navigated

2.1: The Frequency of Money with Susan Nicholas
February 29, 2020

Susan Nicholas — a former physician and surgeon went through a conscious awakening towards healing. As an author and international speaker, we talk about her transformation and how she helps others access the frequency of money. --- Support this podca

1.9: Trends in Startup Recruiting with Reth Eddy
February 23, 2020

In this episode, we cover trends in startups recruiting such as how Gen Z is starting to shape the workplace, the role of privilege and education networks in employment, and how to qualified employees are negotiating their offers. --- Support this podc

1.8: Women, Community & the Workplace with Erin Halper
September 29, 2019

The way we work is changing, and women are leaving traditional corporate roles and moving into independent consulting roles. In this episode, we speak with Erin Halper of The Upside on how she built a successful business community and how gender plays a r