About Your Mother

About Your Mother

003 A Personal Breakthrough Inspired Sandra to Build a Business Helping Others To Be Unshakable | Sandra Possing

July 29, 2020

In the third episode of About Your Mother, our guest, speaker, and mindset coach, Sandra Possing talks about how building an Unshakeable Foundation and unleashing their inner badass empowers a woman.

They also discussed in this episode, Sandra's openness about her past and how it shaped her career path. Pay special attention to the part where she discusses the mind-altering Ayahuasca Experience.

How to be Unshakeable

Inner strength and resilience are needed to withstand all the hurdles in life. Sandra believes to build strength, you have to let go of "dead weight", learn from your past, and have self-awareness of your beliefs. With this in mind, she helps people develop their character and their strength with grace and dignity.

"So if you picture this big oak tree during the middle of a chaotic storm ⁠— which is a beautiful metaphor for any kind of the chaos that's happening in the world ⁠— when you have these deeply rooted foundations that are holding you firm and strong in who you are, I would say connected to the earth figuratively and literally, then you can weather any storm. People can climb on you. Animals can climb on you. The weather, the wind, the lightning ⁠— you can weather all of those storms because the inner strength and the foundation are there." - Sandra Possing

Unleashing your Inner Badass

Sandra always wanted to help other people. Her selflessness and fear of becoming a disappointment became a hindrance to pursuing what she wanted out of her life.

During her late 30s, she had multiple breakdowns that led her to a breakthrough. She refocused her life ⁠— starting from research, meeting up with other coaches, attending workshops, and, ultimately, progressing her personal development.

"It was basically switching the whole paradigm that I'd been living my life in. Instead of looking outside of myself to tell me whom I'm supposed to be, what I'm supposed to do, what a normal person at my age is, and what their life is supposed to look like, I started actually asking myself, 'Well, what do you actually want?'" - Sandra Possing

Coaching and Therapy

Licensed psychiatrists help people with their mental health as they deal with the past and present issues to give people understanding and self-awareness of the things that weigh them down. Coaching, on the other hand, is more in the future, helping people achieve their goals, and figuring out what's next.

"That's reminding me of the Toni Morrison quote, 'If you want to fly, you got to let go of the ship that weighs you down or release the ship that weighs you down.' Therapy is one of many modalities for releasing the weight, releasing the things that we've been holding on to that's keeping us contracted, and by releasing that we become more light and we can fly away until our goals and our dreams." - Sandra Possing


Sandra Possing is a speaker and mindset coach. She empowers high achieving, sensitive women to unleash their inner badass, develop unshakeable self-belief, and manifest their dream lives.


Sandra Possing

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