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About Your Mother

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026 Mother’s Day Reflection
May 13, 2023

On this Mother's Day, I want to celebrate not only my guests, but also the lessons I've learned from having my show for almost two years. In my dozens of interviews with guests and casual conversation

025 Defending Identity | Keshia Adeniyi-Dorsey
May 05, 2023

Keshia Adeniyi-Dorsey is a family defender, educator, and activist who brings her experience with the foster care system into the heart of her work as a family defense attorney. Keshia tirelessly advo

024 Manifesting Your Dreams | Linda Sivertsen
April 04, 2023

Making it as a writer isnt an easy task, but Linda Sivertsen has found the secret sauce. Known as the best writing coach, agent connector, and Book Mama, Linda has authored and co-authored eleven boo

023 Searching For My Identity | Jan Beatty
February 28, 2023

When adoptees search for their birth parents, it's the pursuit of identity.Where do I come from? Who gave birth to me? What is my medical history? - AYM guest, Jan Beatty, wanted to know her name

022 The Girls Who Went Away | Ann Fessler
December 19, 2022

Ann Fessler's critically accompanied book, "The Girl Who Went Away," gives voice to the millions of women forced to surrender their babies in the decades before Roe v Wade. As an artist and a teacher,

021 Aftermath Life in Post-Roe America | Elizabeth Hines
November 10, 2022

The subject of reproductive rights has taken center stage in our society. Still, many people don't understand the tentacles those rights have in every corner of society or within most families. On thi

020 The Baby Scoop Era | Karen Wilson-Buterbaugh
October 28, 2022

In our new series, What Happened Then,AYM features stories from a part of our history unknown to many. Karen Wilson-Buterbaugh spent twenty years researching and writingThe Baby Scoop Era.In 2007,

019 Ten Stories to Celebrate Mother’s Day
May 08, 2022

For Mothers Day, we are recapping ten powerful episodes from the last year. This review features a short clip from each conversation, so you can quickly get a feel for the content and guest. Timestam

018 Re-membering Oneself | Steph Jagger
May 04, 2022

This episode ofAbout Your Mother is my conversation with Steph Jagger: a seeker, explorer, and writer. Her latest book, Everything Left to Remember, documents her adventure with her mother into the R

017 The Art of Becoming | Beth Broday
March 24, 2022

This episode of About Your Mother is my conversation with Beth Broday a pioneer in producing who put music videos on the map beginning with Prince's Little Red Corvette. - Beth Broday is a storytell