About to Review

About to Review

ATI #2 – Phil LaMarr

September 08, 2017

Phil LaMarr, the man, the myth, the voice, joined the show on this episode of “About To Interview”! His over 350 acting credits include “Pulp fiction”, “MadTV”, “Futurama”, Green Lantern (Justice League), and of course “Samurai Jack”.
During this interview we talked about his experience growing up as a “Blerd” (Black Nerd) reading comics and literature, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and how those shaped him into who he is. We then went into his incredible body of work, ranging from his first voice acting role as “Woody” on the 1983 “Mister T” cartoon (IMDB link: @MisterT) all the way up to his new projects like “Goblins Animated” (link: www.goblinscomic.com).
Thank you so much to Phil LaMarr for being on this episode, it was an absolute pleasure to have him on!
Guests information for this episode:
You can follow Phil Lamarr on all forms of social media below, plus his website, which are all linked below:

* IMDB.com/PhilLamMarr
* Facebook.com/phillamarr1
* Twitter.com/phillamarr
* www.PhilLamarr.com

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