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About Mansfield

AM12 - Sonia Salazar Interview

March 18, 2020

This week’s headlines:
• Coronavirus closes MISD campuses for two weeks.

• Local schools and universities switch to “Distance Learning”
• MISD students will continue to receive nutritional meals during the break
• Local nonprofit reaches out for community support

• U.S. officials recommend that you avoid groups larger than ten people
• Tarrant County Commissioner Devan Allen talks about the virus outbreak at the county level
• We’ll fill you in on which municipal facilities are open and closed during this time of quarantine
• Grocery store hoarding. One local expert breaks down the psychology behind it

• Will the coronavirus affect your financial investments? We spoke with a local expert

• The state-bound Timberview Wolves never got the chance to hit the courts
• This week’s poll question: “Do you think the supermarket hoarding craze was fueled by mainstream media, social media, both or neither?” Plus, your weekly weather forecast and an in-studio interview with Sonia Salazar from WYSE WELLNESS regarding the benefits of CBD