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A Healthy Bite - ThatOrganicMom

Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Personal Chef with Shelley Blechar 

December 05, 2022

You want nourishing whole food meals made from scratch. Here's the perfect low-stress option for the work-from-home professional or the health-conscious family to stay happy and healthy. 

You'll find everything you want to know about hiring a personal chef here.

Chef Shelley Blechar has been providing personal chef services for over 17 years! She's here to share her knowledge, so if you want to meal prep, hire a chef, or be one, listen to this episode. You can also read more information below, plus you'll find transcripts, links to her resources, and some of her YouTube videos below.

Your family needs your time and attention, but you may be busy with work. When you hire a personal chef, they take care of everything from planning and cooking healthy meals to cleaning up afterward.

1 - You Can Focus on Family Life.

Hiring a personal chef will give you more free time if you’re busy with work, kids, and other responsibilities. It also means you won’t have to worry about ensuring everyone eats right and stays fit.

Personal chefs cook fresh food that tastes gourmet and clean up after themselves.

2 - They Take Care of Everything Else.

You might think that hiring a personal chef would cost an arm and a leg, but it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Some chefs offer discounts for families who need help feeding themselves. Chef Shelley has information on the average price of personal chefs in different locations across the USA. Get that information here.

3 - They Help with Meal Planning.

If you’re looking for ways to save money, consider hiring a personal chef. These professionals will cook high-quality, nutritious meals for you and your family, so you won’t have to spend extra time preparing food. In addition, you’ll likely waste less, too. (Fewer bunches of wilted, unused greens dying in the back of your fridge!)

4 - They Save Time.

You might not think hiring a personal chef would save you much time, but it does. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen, these chefs prepare delicious dishes in minutes. In some cases, you may have access to a team of chefs. Either way, you won’t be cooking, so you’ll have more time for your needs.

5 - They Provide Nutrition Education.

Another benefit of hiring a personal chef is that they provide nutrition education. They may teach you how to cook healthy meals and help you make better food choices. Many personal chefs also offer private cooking lessons, which you can do in your own home!

Personal Chef vs. Private Chef

Chef prices will depend on your needs. If you need a high-end chef in-home most days of the week it will cost you more than one who prepares food for your fridge once a week. Here are some of the difference between a personal and a private chef:

Private Chef

A private chef often lives with and works for one client to shop for and prepare fresh meals on a full-time basis. As a salaried employee, a private chef may create weekly menus, handle meal preparation, and do on-site cooking, all according to their client’s needs.

In addition, the private chef may be expected to prepare food for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. These meals may have higher expectations, such as one might find in a fine dining restaurant.

One of the key differences is that a private chef is many times more expensive than personal chef services. Here’s why:

Personal Chef

A personal chef prepares meals for several clients on a recurring basis. Clients may choose twice-a-week, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meal prep services.

The personal chef will prepare customized menus according to each client's dietary needs. Some may even offer menu planning and shopping without food preparation, only supplying the recipes and ingredients so a client can cook on their own. However, for the most part, a personal chef plans and prepares meals for each client.

Once the meal planning is complete,