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A Healthy Bite - ThatOrganicMom

Powerful strategies to turn around a bad day

July 19, 2022

If you're wondering how to turn around a bad day, keep reading. I've used the following strategies so many times to rescue what I think will be a terrible day. You know what kind of day I'm talking about...

You wake up and head to the kitchen to make your coffee and realize you're out and forgot to replenish your supply. So, you shuffle off to take a shower hoping to leave the house early enough to grab a cup on your way to work.

Later, you realize in your haste and caffeine-free state, you left the files you needed on the kitchen table. To top it off, you end up working through morning break and by lunch, you're fully engulfed in a BAD day.

We've all had them; those days that start to spiral out of control, and one thing after another goes wrong. It often seems as if nothing is going right and it becomes harder to move forward.

Today, I'm sharing some powerful strategies you can use to turn around a bad day. Use one or all of them the next time you want to rescue a day that makes you want to say bad words.

Validate your own feelings

First, let's call a spade a spade. "Well, this is starting to feel like a bad day." Acknowledge whatever feeling you are having but be gentle with yourself; treat yourself the way you would treat a friend who was having a bad day. "But I think I can turn it around with a little effort."

Take a Deep Breath and analyze what you’re really feeling. If you can put a name on it you may be able to better understand how to turn things around. Negative emotions that contribute to a bad day can stem from something completely unrelated to what is currently in front of you.

Label it

Could stress, anxiety, or frustration be at the heart of the issue? If so, label it as such. "I'm so frustrated with my client for rejecting my proposal, now I have to start all over again." Attaching a label in this way can help you to feel less frustrated, angry, or anxious.

If your work life is causing stress hormones to skyrocket you might be wondering if the trade off is worth compromising your well-being. Could you lower your stress levels by a change in career?

Sometimes we simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed and aren’t sure why we are experiencing a very bad day. Go on a walk to ruminate and see if you can label the root cause or figure out how you got started off on the wrong foot.

Take Action/Change location.

How about taking a break to change your environment. A change of scenery can often alter our perspective on things.

If you are at home having a bad day, try running an errand, a quick trip to the post office, or just to fill your car with gas. 

At work? Try going to the break-room, walk around your office, or grab a healthy snack.

If you work from home, try packing up your laptop and heading to a juice bar or coffee shop where you can access free wifi. Just do something to change your environment.

Do something/anything

Start something, anything, but preferably something you can complete in half an hour or less. Some suggestions would be:

answer an emailfile some papersclean the kitchensort one drawer and organize itclean off your desklisten to a chapter of an audiobookdo a quick workout

Speaking of workouts...


Exercising can put you in a better mood quickly, especially if you are outside. Any kind of movement you enjoy will work. Just don’t force yourself to do a type of exercise you hate. That could backfire.

Consistent exercise is good for your mental health and can help with stress management. So work in a bit of movement every day and you’ll be one step closer to having a good day.


Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't.Elle Woods

The Right Music Can Reverse a Bad Day

Turn on an upbeat and cheerful playlist. If you don't have one, make one. Listen to your favorite song on repeat if you have to.