Projects – The A440 Podcast

Projects – The A440 Podcast

Aliens on Motorcycles (S3, E1)

February 11, 2021

And we’re back!

Season 3 kicks off with a two-part conversation with filmmaker and longtime friend MATTHEW MCCOY about the possibly forgotten pop-rock band Counting Crows.

While sheltering in place, we challenged ourselves to create a listenable album of Counting Crows songs using only tracks recorded since This Desert Life, as we try to answer the question… could we even do it? And if so, was it worth it? Are the Counting Crows a once-brilliant band in steep decline, or have they somehow, actually, figured it all out?

Does the band warrant this kind of deep-dive, some 25 years or more since their hit single, “Mr. Jones”? Probably not, but what is The A440 Podcast about if not obsessively geeking about about some kind of forgotten corner of the music universe?

Here’s Matt’s playlist, Was It All Worth It?:

Here’s Charles’ playlist, Aliens on Motorcycles:

Artists mentioned in this episode include:

4 Non Blondes
The Band
Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Big Star
The Byrds
Alex Chilton
Leonard Cohen
Bob Dylan
Gin Blossoms
The Grateful Dead
John Mellencamp
Don McClean
Romany Rye