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Live, Laugh, Herpes?!
November 22, 2020

Dave Chapelle said it best...2020 needs more laughter and less herpes!  This is the one about laughter and why we need it now.  We learn about why Travis and his sister laugh at church and what TikTok video made Tony split his sides.  Buzz Feed supplies t

Get The HELL Away From ME!
November 14, 2020

Standing 6 feet apart from people is the only perk from the pandemic according to Tony. He’s a jerk for saying that...but some say it’s true! Travis cuts off old ladies in parking lots and enjoys talking about it. We learn about the 4 levels of social pro

Please Don't Stop The Music! | Facebook Lives
October 31, 2020

Is FaceBook really trying to stop musicians from playing LIVE? What was all the rage about the new Terms Of Service update? Find out with this episode. We interview musicians that have been affected by the pandemic and learn why they started streaming on

Prank You! | Tom Mabe
October 24, 2020

Tom Mabe is The Godfather of pranking videos. He shares some of his funniest stories and spills his secret to creating viral videos that has earned him over a BILLION views on Facebook and YouTube! He also chats about his most influential comedians. This

Dr. Scare | Halloween Special!
October 17, 2020

Dr. Scare isn't scared of anything!  Our guest makes the most arrogant statement ever said on the podcast and reveals a little movie magic. Tony gives us a little science on what makes people scared. This week's list is about the "TOP 6 Sca

Dance Like No One's Watching! | Ryan Cohen
October 10, 2020

San Diego's Superfan, Ryan Cohen, drops by the studio and reveals his most coveted secret; How to get on the Jumbotron! He tells us what life is like as a college student and how he juggles rooting for the home team. Ryan adds to our list as we discu

Shit You Should Know...
August 31, 2020

We shed a little light on some shit you should know - the unwritten rules of life! We get a little help from former Major League Baseball pitcher Bobby LaFromboise as he explains his take on the drama that unfolded with Fernando Tatis Jr. from the San Die

Karen does BYOB!
August 23, 2020

How many drinks should you bring to a party? Why does Karen only bring a 4-pack? We cover the TOP 10 party etiquette guide and learn how NOT to piss off your host! Travis spills Italian BBQ secrets and Tony’s dad illustrates why it’s okay to bring a 6-pac

You Got Some Splainin' To Do!
August 08, 2020

Everything from tampons to swear words?! It gets dicey...  We go into the future to try and determine the stimulating questions our kids night have for us. Tony’s friend calls up to try to defend his Yelp review. Call us and leave us a comment or show ide

You SHUT your mouth!
August 01, 2020

We start off with the stuff you can't SAY anymore! These phrases and words carried a lot of meaning back in the day so Tony tries to convince Travis that he can no longer use them. Listen and see how it goes. We also discuss things you can't DO