The Sweet Berry

The Sweet Berry

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"Glorious Garlic: From Garden Planting to Ancient Secrets"
October 18, 2023

Dive deep into the enchanting world of garlic with Daniel in this special episode of The Sweet Berry. We’ll guide you step-by-step on planting this potent bulb in the fall, then take you on a time-traveling adventure, exploring garlic’s ancient roots and

Sweet Berry Farm Fall Update
October 15, 2023

Daniel takes you on a sound journey to Sweet Berry Farm where we learn that life doesn’t always go your way. However, you best maintain a good sense of humor, and keep a positive mindset. Join me as my podcast friend send me a message on one of my YouTube

The Sweet Berry: The Struggle is Palatable
October 09, 2023

Daniel comes back after a year away, and cranks out another classic PODCAST all by himself, his 3 year old, and a small cat. He is dressed to impressed and taking no prisoners. He talks about random life and saves a kitten from being squished under a recl

October 09, 2023

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Shopping for the Farm
July 06, 2022

Daniel drives to Menards to not Save Big Money.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:

Like Animals
July 05, 2022

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The Sweet Berry Farm (Searching for a Co-Host!)
February 10, 2022

In this episode Daniel Sheehan talks about all the projects coming up at Sweet Berry Farm. When he says all the projects he means about 10% of them. Check us out on YouTube! 46 subscribers and growing!

Raising Chickens: The First Year
January 18, 2022

Daniel Sheehan talks about his experience raising chickens his first 9 months. He goes through the ups and downs including massive losses due to raccoons. He talks about how his dog nearly ate two of his prized chickens, but may have saved them from eagle

"Healthy" Family... Time for Vegetables?
January 13, 2022

Daniel talks about how hard it is to get his kids to eat vegetables. Mac & Cheese is pretty easy, but is that best? How about some yummy hot dogs and chicken nuggets? Daniel vaguely mentions some resources like; Caroline Leaf, G.O.M.B.S. as seen on PB

Gone to the Dogs! The Zoo Keeper...
January 12, 2022

Daniel talks about having animals. Having animals can be a big challenge. Australian Shepherds that use your goats as a chewing toy are frustrating, but all hope is not lost. With a no giving up attitude you can weather the puppy stage for all your goats,