What Is This?

What Is This?

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What is Sherlock Holmes?
July 08, 2022

Me and ATOMA talk about the different Sherlock Holmes adaptions and I specifically rant about Enola Holmes movie.

What is our most impactful childhood books? (Part 2)
March 16, 2022

Continuation of the last episode which we talked about books that had an impact on us as kids.

What is our most impactful childhood books? (Part 1)
March 09, 2022

In this episode we make a list of the most impactful book we read as kids and stayed with us. Also, while I did say Elizabeth Taylor did not receive such role of Anne Frank;Audrey Hepburn actually denied to be in a role. So I keep messing up my Hollywood

What is Arthur?
March 03, 2022

ATOMA and I talk about the traumatizing show Arthur and other strange children episodes.

What is The Titanic?
February 15, 2022

Me and ATOMA review The Titanic (1997).

What is Tyra Banks? (and Top Model)
February 08, 2022

We shoot the breeze about Tyra Banks and Top Model. Also, I mixed up Roman Polanski and Woody Allen because Hollywood has too many predators that it gets confusing.

What is The Hobbit Trilogy?
February 03, 2019

The very first episode of What Is This?! Join us as we talk about slow-talking Thorin, Alfrid, and Dwarf women.