SELF with Lisa Clarke

SELF with Lisa Clarke

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S6 E6 - Loving Your Parts
June 16, 2024

Usually we try to avoid, numb or at the very least ignore our shame, guilt, and inner critic.If we avoid, numb or ignore for long enough - it will go away, right?What if you, in your own time, ack

S6 E5 - Finding Real in an Unreal World
June 02, 2024

Time away to connect to what matters.Time away to reflect, to process, to feel.Time away to remember.These last few days I spent in Wilsons Prom, Boonwurrung Country on retreat with 30 women.

S6 E4 - Making Adult Friends
May 19, 2024

Ah, the awkward experience of making an adult friend, and all the questioning that comes along the way....In today's episode we get down to the nuts and bolts of it.Today we get curious on:- Unde

S6 E3 - Trusting Yourself
May 05, 2024

Take yourself out for a long walk with this one!60 min solo episode on trusting yourself - and I have some tea to spill....I am sitting here trying to think of a clever way to put into a few short

S6 E2 - Five Lifestyle Changes For Positive Mental Health
April 21, 2024

Our mental health matters.You matter.There is a little bit of story telling in todays episode, which I hope you can perhaps draw some paralles on in your own life.Join me as I share five lifestyl

S6 E1 - The Catch Up
April 07, 2024

Stepping into our sixth season together, I feel we are due for a catch up.So much has changed in my world in the past 2 years, and this catch up is important, because its wise to know and understand

S5 E15 - Caring For The Four Bodies
October 15, 2023

Last episode of Season 5!Thank you for joining me here for this wonderfully full season of education, inspiration and hope.Today we are discussing the four bodies within each of us and how we can s

S5 E14 - Having Faith, with Norma Freeman
October 01, 2023

What a pleasure it is to introduce this weeks guest : Norma Freeman.If you have been in my life personally you are most likely to know of Norma, if not know her yourself. She is the Mother of my dear

S5 E13 - Celebrating Caesarean Birth
September 17, 2023

Join me in this intimate solo episode as we discuss the revolving narrative of Caesarean birth, medicine, and the abundance of opinions that comes with this conversation.Find your connection to spir

S5 E12 - Liberation Through Creation, with Meredith Gaston Masnata
September 03, 2023

Meredith is a bestselling author, artist, teacher and wellness coach celebrating mindful, joyous and spirited living. Exhibiting her artwork locally and abroad from a young age, Meredith graduated fro