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The Comeback
January 06, 2021

We (Kevin & Jake) have returned from a long hiatus and are glad to be back hosting this podcast! We are planning on uploading weekly, 20-30mins episodes. We plan on discussing current events, personal stories, and music-related news. We hope to keep...

Last Night In LA
January 27, 2020

*24 seconds of silence dedicated to Kobe*On this episode of Yikes my co-host and I give our thoughts about the tragic event that resulted in the death of the legendary Kobe Bryant. We also talk about the Grammys and the winners from the event. As well as

Life is Good
January 13, 2020

On this episode of Yikes, My Co-Host and I discuss some trending topics like the 2020 Oscar Nominations, some political topics, and the entertainment business. New music as well as trending topics surrounding artists...

2020 Vision
January 06, 2020

We Back

End Gun Violence!
August 09, 2019

Ready For 2020?
June 29, 2019

On this episode of Yikes my co-host and I are joined by our friend Chris. We catch up and talk about how we met in college as well as giving our opinions on the current democratic debates that just occurred this week. We also give our opinions an...

Yours Truly...
June 18, 2019

On this episode of Yikes my co-host and I are joined by our two friends Brian and Fredy. We talk about the upcoming election and the candidates and some recent scandals that have surfaced. We also give our opinions and thoughts on the Micheal Jackso...

Tesla Boy$
June 12, 2019

On this episode of YIKES, returning guest Fredy brings his buddy and new guest Brian to speak about their insane weekend of drinking, witnessing a fight, and even reminiscing about crazy $hit that happened in Rosarito! We discus...

Alabama Sucks!
May 21, 2019

On this episode of Yikes! We return from a 3 week hiatus. We update you guys about what’s been happening in our lives and we talk about the current situations happening. We talk about going to Las Vegas and how we enjoy going there. We give our opin...

New Chapter
April 11, 2019