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Ego, The Sleeping Tiger
October 03, 2023

John discusses the impact of a leaders or teammates ego upon an objective, distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy ego, and discussing the ways a dangerous ego manifests itself. To frame the issue, John discusses the role ego played in the thinkin

Return, and Revenge: What Leaders Need to Know About Revenge and Cancel Mindset
September 06, 2023

Higher Ground is back! John talks about: A pause from all things digital, including social media and the show, and the decision to continue Higher Ground; The amazing NACUA 2023 Annual Conference; The psychology of revenge; and The impact of revenge and

The Way You Climb a Mountain Matters
December 20, 2021

John reflects back on leadership and life perspective lessons learned after nearly two years of the pandemic and while we are still not out of the woods.

Don't Be Fooled w/ Melinda Latas
December 17, 2021

John discusses big picture Clery Act compliance thinking and leadership with Melinda Latas, Director of Systemwide Clery and Campus Safety Compliance for the Cal State University system. Melinda has extensive knowledge and experience managing Clery compl

Drama is Deadly (Part 2)
December 10, 2021

John discusses some psychological factors and indicators of unhealthy drama, and provides suggestions on strategies to mitigate the impact of unhealthy drama on your workplace, school, team, or project.

Drama is Deadly
November 24, 2021

Drama left unchecked in an organization can be lethal to survival of team, mission, individual, or all of those. John discusses the instinctive human drive toward drama and its dangerous impact on collaboration against the backdrop of literature, history

In One Ear ft. Scott Schneider
October 08, 2021

John Graff and returning guest Scott Schneider kick off the season by catching up on music, the realities of trial work, stand up comedy, UFC, and maintaining ones own identity in a demanding career. They also dive deep on why the recent U.S. withdrawal

SPARC: A Prevention Program for Higher Ed Communities
May 03, 2021

HRW's John Graff, Scott Roberts, and members of the SUNY ARRIVE Center team, Joseph Storch, Roma Shah, and Morgan Clifford, discuss the development and use of the Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Response Course (SPARC). This program

How To Be An Adult ft. Julie Lythcott-Haims
April 05, 2021

Life for young adults was already complicated before the pandemic. Cell phones, tablets, video gaming systems, streaming videos, and helicopter no, snowplow parents removing character building adversity from the paths of their children. Then the pan

It's Not the Setback, It's the Get Back
February 12, 2021

In our second episode of the year, John talks about the many difficult challenges facing higher ed leadership in 2021. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, social justice and political issues, and the pressure of social media watching it all. John comments on