How Did I Get Here?

How Did I Get Here?

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Episode 4 – Aaron Thomas
April 29, 2019

Aaron Thomas comes in and talks to us. Joel and Bockelmann are both absent…so the interview is pretty crummy. Aaron, however, is great. Learn how he went from being a teacher to leading missions in Greece.

Episode 3 – How Did I Get Here – Steffan – Opioid Addiction
February 21, 2019

“Let them Dream” Steffan stops by and tells us about his battles with pain killers (opioids) and alcohol. He touches on how he recovered and gives advise to anyone that is struggling. Andy starts a new segment that sounds like a crazy person babbling a...

Episode 2 – How Did I Get Here? –Joel and the Pog Heist
February 11, 2019

Episode 2 – Andy tries out his interview skills on Joel. We go deep and find our that Joel has actually committed multiple felonies. He probably should be locked up. Take a listen…it’s free!

BZW Mater Painters
May 25, 2018

Nic Rosselot from BZW Master Painters joins us and brings us gifts from the Mad Anthony Brewing Company. All of their beers are awesome. Nic also brought Troy with him to hang out in Thunderdome. It turns out that Troy is the long,

The Phone Keeps Ringing, FFLP Low Pressure Tips and Beer That Tastes Like Piiiiiiiiiissssss!
May 18, 2018

Why does the phone keep ringing? Andy has to answer the office phones during the episode and it sucks. This episode gets interesting. Casey has left us. We try two beers. John doesn’t lover them, but he doesn’t love them either.

Episode 25 – “I’m Ok With Everything That Has Happened” + Painting Platforms
May 09, 2018

Black Acre Beer Would you rather woman makes a return. We learn a lot about Joel. Freshly dead? Disseminating is probably not the best word. John talks about painting platforms.

Episode 24 – OOOOOOH That’s Nasty
May 02, 2018

We have a new character on the show this week… Would You Rather Lady joins us for some exciting questions. We try a tangerine beer that is much better than the cat piss beer. And a new song is released for the first time on our show.

Episode 23 – Casey’s Back and John’s Laugh Track – Handy Pail
April 25, 2018

Casey is gonna eat yo children.  Things get out of hand on this episode. Brew Link Strawberry Pretty Pretty Awkward Milkshake Devil’s Backbone Brewing Vienna Lager CooCoo’s kids have raised the money needed to get John to run the Spartan race.  

Episode 22 – Wolves and Jellyfish and Bears – Oreo Beer My!
April 18, 2018

Brewlink made an Oreo beer that the guys try.  We hear about camping, weddings, onion ring belly buttons, and bears chasing Andy and John. Of course, we play Would You Rather.  The good mail streak ends with a letter from some douche bag from San Frans...