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Why is my podcast on Blubrry Podcasting?

Your podcast was subscribed to using one of the following services:

  • MyCast: Playlist subscription service on
  • Subscribe on Android: A listener wanted to subscribe to your show on their Android phone.
  • Subscribe by Email: A listener wants to receive email notifications about new episodes.
  • A Fan Added Your Show: They wanted to subscribe to your show on one of our mobile or set-top box apps (e.g. Roku).

The Blubrry Podcasting directory powers all of the free services above.

Do I need to claim my podcast listing?

No. Though we would love for you to join the community and utilize our free and paid services, you do not have to.

Why should I claim my podcast listing?

There are multiple reasons that benefit await you claiming your podcast listing.

  • We update your listing on an hourly basis.
  • Use our free tools and resources such as our audience survey or free basic podcast statistics.
  • Advertising opportunities! You may be chosen for an ad campaign.
  • Discover all of our great paid services, such as Podcast Hosting, Professional Podcast Statistics, and WordPress website hosting.

How do I remove my podcast listing?

It's simple, contact us to verify that you are the owner of the podcast feed and it will be removed from the directory.