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BONUS! Mom Interviews College Student During COVID
August 15, 2020

Mom interviews her second-year college student who just moved in to her new apartment...out of state. It's August 2020 and the COVID pandemic is on the rise in the United States. Will her daughter be okay? Will her mom be ok?! Listen to find out....

#14 She's Leaving
August 13, 2019

She did it. She grew up and flew…literally! Teen talks about her skydiving experience just two days before moving to an out of state college.  Then teen and mom process what packing looks like the day before leaving for college. It’s ok. Mom...

#13 University Orientation - OMG!
July 21, 2019

Mom and teen review what it's like to experience a university orientation where students and parents are tracked into separate programs. They also get ready for the three-week countdown of moving teen out and beyond into her new college life!

#12 Being Home, Being Lost, Being 2nd Mama and Trust
June 27, 2019

Countdown to a university orientation begins and teen admits just wanting to be home for the summer. Teen and mom also process the concept of being lost and trusting strangers. 

#11 Leaving Friends, FB for Dinosaurs and Teen Advocacy
June 04, 2019

With graduation coming this week, teen talks about the reality of leaving friends and her summer bucket list. She also wonders how mom deals with technology and how she feels about young people taking action.

#10 Senioritis - It's Real!
May 16, 2019

Mom and teen daughter discuss everything from AP exams to self-defense, age discrimination to a favorite song, and all under this huge umbrella of senioritis. It's real folks!

#9 Graduating, Course Perfect, College Decision and Tats
April 26, 2019

With teen graduating in about one month, mom and teen reflect on graduation coming up, why teen enrolled in AP classes, how she made her college decision, and watching her BFF get her first legitimate tattoo. 

#8 Teen Response to Scandal, Agony of High School, and Snowboarding
March 21, 2019

Mom and teen discuss the recent admission scandal through a teen's perspective. Mom also discovers the agony of high school life from her daughter. To release some intense reflection, they end on the teen's first adventure of snowboarding.

#7 Live in a Painting, Overcoming Math, Working Teen and Dead Bodies
March 01, 2019

Teen starts off with a creative question for mom, "Pick a painting you want to live in." Then she regrets asking. They also discuss how teen overcame math, the value of working, and her experience with dead bodies.

#6 Pursuit of Happiness, "We" are Going to College, and You Cook Dinner
February 07, 2019

Teen asks mom what she would do with $500K and she buckles. They also talk about the pursuit of happiness, using the pronoun "we" in college planning, and how the teen feels about cooking dinner for the family.