Krypto 101

Krypto 101

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Emotional Damage
February 29, 2024

Liam and his Dad chopping it up. Best I can give you --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

Krypto 107 Q&A and DeFi explained
May 06, 2021

We answer some questions our loyal fans had and then we get into one of the more compelling arguments for Cryptocurrency. Defi or Decentralized Finance is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of blockchain technology. The professor breaks down how these b

Krypto 106 - DOGE experiment
April 23, 2021

What on earth is happening in the Crypto Market today? BTC dropped like a rock and there were people getting filthy rich of a DOGE coin! We give our thoughts on the chaos all to find out that this is another day in the life of Crypto investor!  Enjoy! --

Krypto 105 - ETH - What is Etherium and why is it important in the World of Cryptocurrency?
April 16, 2021

You've heard of BitCoin but have you heard of ETH or Etherium? What is it? Why is it important? Etherium opened up the world of Crypto as we know it. If BTC was AOL Email, Etherium is Google and the internet as we know it. Etherium allows for smart contra

Krypto 104 - History of Bitcoin
April 08, 2021

Where did Bitcoin come from? How much bitcoin did 2 large Pizza's cost in 2011? We answer all those questions and more. We get into the history and the idea that Cryptocurrency was and has become.  White Paper Bitcoin Price History --- This epis

Krypto 103 - Where to Buy???
March 30, 2021

We discuss what a wallet even is in cryptocurrency and where you can buy it. Pros and Cons of all 3 platforms and if you are interested in any of them follow the links below.

Krypto 102: Value of Bitcoin
March 24, 2021

No Professor No Problem we got this! The FOMO Crypto and Crypto Noob take on the value of cryptocurrency and attempt to answer some questions from the previous podcast.--- Send in a voice message:

Krypto 101: Intro to Crypto
February 18, 2021

From the Professor to the FOMO to the Noob of Crypto we three brother-in-law-in-laws explain the world of Cryptocurrency starting with the King of them all....Bitcoin! Everything from a Blockchain to how to buy Bitcoin. This fast pace moving future of mon

Corona Chronicles Vol 19 -- Costco News, CDC School Guidelines, and Depressing Realities
July 26, 2020

Obviously this world can be a downer, but we try to give little glimpses of hope throughout. What can we control? Our homes, our families and doing our part in fighting against the evils of the world. We can make difference every day by doing the little t

Corona Chronicles Vol 18 -- Here we go again
July 18, 2020

Pregnancy has taken us out of our rhythm, but we come back with almost an hour worth of content! We get way too political for our liking, but sadly that is what this world is turning into. Karly gets very passionate about human trafficking and you can che