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Sidebar Podcast

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Beer Reviews - Ep 8
March 31, 2019

WE ARE BACK!! Audio gets better after 3 minutes. …

Ep. 8 - Burnt Peas And Ocean Breeze
March 08, 2019

On this episode of the SideBar Podcast, we cover …

Spiritual Healers And Dead Gophers
February 28, 2019

we fucked up haha but it was great. always intere…

Ep 6, Breakfast Wars
February 23, 2019

We discuss breakfast cereals, and other things. I…

Female Condoms Are Real
February 17, 2019

We fire off with a sidebar valentines day special…

Absinthe and Acid
February 07, 2019

On tonight's episode, myself and will Mitchell ge…

We May be the Dumbest People Alive
January 31, 2019

All we can say is we're kinda dumb.

Jail time
January 24, 2019

On this pod, we talk about my time in the slammer

Closet Whiskey
January 21, 2019

A more serious take.....

The first Side Bar
January 16, 2019

The first track of two dudes cracking jokes and c…