Sophisticated Ignorance

Sophisticated Ignorance

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Mentally at peace with journey of life x3 with Ceteria Foster
August 09, 2020

I jump on the podcast after a year with my good friend Ceteria Foster Softball Personal Trainer and Business owner. We are catching up with all things from metal health,  stability, and the way God intends things to be. --- Support this podcast: h

The Kidnapping of Kanye In Summers Walker
November 20, 2019

Me and my co-host Marlon talked about Instagram taking away likes. Kanye and Jesus. Social anxiety. Social Media. How to really heal cancel culture. --- Support this podcast:

The Rebirth
October 16, 2019

Today I brought back the OG Marlon Moore for the rebirth podcast. We talked about issues of social media, Marvel and DC comics, and understanding the use of words and energy. --- Support this podcast:

The catch up convo with Reg.
March 30, 2019

I brought on an old friend and filmmaker Reggie Riggs to catch up on my podcast for his first appearance. He is doing big things in the city of Houston and i wanted to bring him on to talk about his battles of becoming a filmmaker. --- Support this pod

A few drinks ,Houston,Kanye ,Clout And whatchmacallit
March 01, 2019

I sit down with returning guest Robert mason to have a few drinks and talk about the world around us. --- Support this podcast:

Real American History
February 13, 2019

Dominique brings special guest Teacher and entrepreneur Horatio Maule and returning guest Marlon Moore on to talk about recent events black history, and the lack of change going on in our country.    --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.f

Education is Key
February 05, 2019

I invite special guest Raymond Berry and Marlon Moore on to talk about some educational subjects. --- Support this podcast:

Trill with an ounce of mental, spiritual and physical.
February 01, 2019

Mental illness, spirituality, and physical health are all things we as people deal with daily . As our first female guest of the show. I bring my friend filmmaker and director LILY TRILL on to talk about her battles with all of these things. Become a su

Weekly Words Week 1
January 30, 2019

Sometimes we need a little motivation and guidance in life. I wanted to tell people somethings i do weekly to keep me on track. --- Support this podcast:

The dream team of touchy subjects.
January 25, 2019

Dominique brings on his good friends Tee & Rob to continue the battle of touchy subjects and weird ass values.--- Support this podcast: