The Sam Portland Podcast

The Sam Portland Podcast

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Legacy Retreat Round Table Podcast
July 25, 2023

Join us on a hot summers day talking shop on all things coaching, business and life. This podcast was recorded live and the Legacy Annual Retreat. --- Send in a voice message:

Molly Wheeler - How to use your experience to drive your future and Open a GYM!!!
July 02, 2023

Sam and Molly discussed their experiences with sports and cultural differences. They reflected on the importance of sports in their lives and the impact it has had on their personal growth. Molly shared her unique experience playing soccer in the Midwest

Max Honigsbaum's - The jewgler who is dominating high performance rowing!!!
June 18, 2023

Max Honigsbaum has a background in swimming, rugby, and American football, and has found a passion for training rather than competing. He has experience working with elite athletes and has found that creating an environment that encourages people to enjoy

Robin Arkell - Running a high performance program at 23, winning an Olympic Medal and dealing with "Whats Next"?
June 04, 2023

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Coach Mike Boyle - Make the most with what you've got...a masterclass in efficiency!!!
May 28, 2023

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How 2 broken legs and 2 ruptured ACL's Built an amazing training system - James Crichton
May 21, 2023

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Do you put your athletes first? Conal Duffy does...we can learn alot from this man.
May 15, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of the Sam Portland Podcast. Today we have Conal Duffy on the show - CHECK HIS INSTA..But also..don't forget to to get on the waitlist for the Sports Speed Book!!! Join Waitlist Now!!!--- Send in a voice messa

The guy thats changing Crossfit for the better and it applies to you...
May 08, 2023

Tom D'Arcy Smith is a legend!!! His story is amazing and he is doing some amazing things in the Crossfit space and you guys can learn so much from his mind, energy and vision!!! Check out his website here: FREE FITNESS TOOL KITAlso register for th

Lewis Parry - From Lidl to Coaching International Athletes!!!
April 30, 2023

Welcome back to the Sam Portland Podcast. Its great to have Lewis Parry on the call today to Evinco Strength. Its an amazing call and a great story!!!Don't forget REGISTER FOR THE SPORTS SPEED SYSTEM NOW!!!!!--- Send in a voice message: https:

How to become a successful Coach! My intention for the podcast!!!!
March 20, 2023

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