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LIVE POCAST from Orange Conference
May 21, 2024

<p>The NNYM team discusses their experiences at the Orange Conference and the importance of leaning into the messy aspects of youth ministry and listen to the struggles of young people. Youth ministry is constantly changing and that being together a

068 || BONUS - Mission & Vision of NNYM
April 18, 2024

In this BONUS episode of the FreeRefills Podcast, Wayne and Jonny are joined by Seth Baker, Chief Strategy Officer of the National Network of Youth Ministries, to discusses the mission and vision of NNYM. Seth breaks down the process of developing the m

Ep 067 || Charlie Conder - Appreciating Volunteers
April 17, 2024

SummaryWayne and Johnny are joined by special guest Charlie Conder to discuss ways to appreciate volunteers in youth ministry! The conversation touches on topics such as burnout, the need for rest and time off, and the power of small group relationships.

Ep 066 || Pauline Ebert and Gerard Gunter - Leading students to Trust the Spirit, Overcome Fear, and Live Boldly!
March 25, 2024

Check out this dynamic discussion with youth leaders Pauline Ebert and Gerard Gunter as they dive into the challenges and importance of evangelism in youth ministry. Discover how to trust the Holy Spirit, overcome rejection fears, and lead by example. Hea

Ep 065 || Robert Purvey & Rick Eubanks - Youth Leader Discipleship
February 14, 2024

Robert Purvey and Rick Eubanks share about unlocking the power of youth leader discipleship. They discuss the importance of being discipled and the need for mentors in ministry. Robert and Rick highlight the value of networking and building relationships

Ep 064 || Remodeling Youth Ministry with Phil Ball
January 25, 2024

Phil Ball wrote the #1 blog post for NNYM in 2023, so we invited him onto the podcast! Youth workers are always looking for ways to renovate and remodel the ministry to be more culturally relevant. Are you looking to find resources for your next remodel?

Ep 063 || *CROSS POD* with The Student Ministry Connection
November 29, 2023

Keem Fares joins the show with Jonny Radcliff to discuss the insights of the episode Cobra Kai Youth Ministry from The Student Ministry Connection podcast. On this episode, Travis Deans joins Steve Cullum to discuss what we can learn from Daniel LaRus

Ep 062 || How Prayer Can Revolutionize Your Group with Barry St. Clair
October 31, 2023

On this episode Jonny Radcliff and Kevin Miles get the chance to chat with Barry St. Clair. Author of over 30 books, Barry has been on the cutting edge of youth ministry for over five decades.Through his leadership, thousands of churches have implemented

Ep 061 || How Steve Cullum & Travis Deans found NNYM
August 09, 2023

Join this month's podcast with two veteran youth workers as they share how they discovered NNYM.Connect with Steve Cullum at stevecullum.comConnect with Travis Deans at in this episode we talked about NNYM's Pray

Ep 060 || Network Before Trauma with Kristi Mayes
June 06, 2023

**WARNING - this episode contains conversations about student suicide.** Networking isn't just for fun events. Networking creates relationships for the most difficult moments in ministry. Kristi shares some amazing examples of communities working tog