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Season 2 Ep.21 - Walk The Talk
May 29, 2024

In this episode Matt talks to Graham Guest the Manager of Capital Projects at Walker industries. From gas collection efficiency targets to the intricacies of capturing and utilizing landfill gas, this episode is packed with valuable information for anyone

Season 2 Ep.20 - From Soup to Nuts
May 22, 2024

In this episode Matt talks to Doug Dittburner, Chief engineer of Ferraror in Brantford about working together at Campbell's on a cogen project, the importance of proper energy management, and much more.

Season 2 Ep.19 - Sustainable Lineage
May 14, 2024

In our last episode recorded live at The Value Of Biogas East, Matt talks to Chris Perry the President of CKP Farms LTD. about his evolving farm business and advancements in the biogas space.

Season 2 Ep.18 - Generations of Green
May 08, 2024

In this episode of of Energy Radio Matt talks to David Green of Greenholm Farms live from The Value Of Biogas East Conference in Toronto. Through research and exploration of Ontario's renewable energy programs, including the RESOP and FIT initiatives,

Season 2 Ep.17 - Fueling Family Ties
May 01, 2024

This podcast was recorded during the Value of Biogas East Conference in Toronto. Matt sits down with John Van Logtenstein of Dairy Lane Systems and DLS Biogas to talk about his experience working with siblings in building their biogas empire and their mov

Season 2 Ep.16 - "Matt Chat". The Value of Biogas.
April 23, 2024

This episode kicks off our live from the "Value Of Biogas East" series that took place April 15-17th in Toronto Ontario. Venders, project developers, municipalities and utilities gather to discuss the latest and greatest in the biogas industry.

Season 2 Ep.15 - Wax On, Wax Off
April 03, 2024

In this episode, host Matt sits down with Dorin Marian, the Manager of Energy, Engineering and Maintenance at The International Group, Inc., to delve into the intricacies of a large-scale factory overhaul. Dorin shares invaluable insights and advice on th

Season 2 Ep.14 - Waste Not, Want Not
February 28, 2024

In this episode Matt talks to Joseph Lyng, the General Manager of Emerald Energy From Waste, about the rigorous process of boosting it's current capacity from 10MW to 100MW, recovering energy from waste, producing steam for a local paper manufacturer

Season 2 Ep.13 - Call Before You Dig
January 17, 2024

In this podcast episode, Matt engages in a conversation with Martin Lensink, the founder of CEM and current Vice President of CO2 Reduction at CEM Engineering. Together, they delve into the intricacies of "due diligence" in the context of Natura

Season 2 Ep.12 - Hydrogen Horizons
November 22, 2023

In this episode, Matt Lensink, the CEO of CEM Engineering, sits down with Kelly Grieves, P. Eng. the Director - Hydrogen Business Development at Atura Power. The discussion touches on Kelly's pivotal role at Atura and the remarkable rise of hydrogen a