Chaos & Order

Chaos & Order

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Coping with Loss
January 15, 2020

In this episode we speak of trying to go through life when you have lost a loved one. Reflecting on the good times and the things that made you smile.

Transphobia VS The Law of Nature
January 06, 2020

In this episode we speak about trans phobia versus the law of nature the opinions and we also play a clip from someone who feels that if you would not date a trans person that you are biased and discriminatory

Black Foundation
August 22, 2019

This episode talks about Black love and building a solid foundation. Our personal truths and experiences. Loving each other better starts with our women

Just some chat
August 22, 2019

Chatting on a road trip

Were Here
April 11, 2019

Hey guys! Were are still here in this podcast we talk about empath problems and we have a candid couples Q&A

New Moon & Retrograde.
March 07, 2019

This episode is about the new moon and Retrograde! Speaking upon some of the connections made on this day. We also touch on life’s learning tools. Children, animals, and peers can always teach you lessons.

You will see who supports you
March 04, 2019

When you move away you will see who truly supports you. When you are not of use to people, you will see who supports you. Basically when you grow and elevate yourself there is a road not everyone you want can travel and guess what? You will still see who

Black History? De masculinity of the black male
February 26, 2019

This touches on the schools removing black history from the curriculum and how they have changed the narrow of the black family

Immunization/ Healing from the earth
February 19, 2019

This episode like may is pretty controversial. We speak on personal experiences with things we have injected into our bodies and our kids bodies. We also touch basis on some of the natural approaches we take to stay healthy.

Unrealistic expectations of Celebrities and the Dis Education of Black America
February 15, 2019

Tonight we get very touchy on some subjects understand there is passion in these words and facts.