Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart

Latest Episodes

Episode 4: Blood of the Fallen
April 07, 2019

In Episode 4: Blood of the Fallen, the gang battles the Warden of Bloodrock Delve. Aserannon makes a new friend, Tykko tries really hard to hit a ghost, and Crownah encounters a face from her past.

Episode 3: Pale Shadow of Triumph
February 28, 2019

The three remaining heroes seek answers: what happened to their friends? Astrid, Mara, and Zephyr set off for the capital of Auredane and measure the army's victory against their own personal losses.

Episode 2: Heroes Divided
February 13, 2019

Three Lightbringers were swallowed by Renault's evil magic. Now they awaken, lost and confused, in a realm of darkness.

Episode 1: The Battle of Hollow Mountain
January 25, 2019

Join six legendary heroes as they climb the mountain of evil and battle the dark warlock Renault for the fate of their world. They believe that their journey has ended, but the heroes' trials are only just beginning....