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CD71 | Poems by Lydia Tai
December 22, 2021

Hi all!Today we bring you the work of friend of the show Lydia Tai!Lydia Tai is a disabled, twenty-eight year old Taiwanese-American poet who writes to channel inner energies, and as a coping mechanism for mental health. Lydia is currently working on a

CD70 | Poetry by Sunday T. Saheed
November 24, 2021

Hi there,Today we feature the work of Sunday T. Saheed! Sunday T. Saheed is a Nigerian writer and the Chairman of Ogun Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation. His works have appeared in Kalahari Review, Applied Worldwide, and Open Leaf Press Review.Sunday T.

CD69 | Poems by Mark A. Murphy
November 17, 2021

Hello!On this Creative Drive, we bring you the work of Mark A. Murphy!About the Author:Mark A. Murphy is a working class, Ace poet, living with GAD, and OCD. He has poems forthcoming in Cultural Weekly and Acumen. He has had work published in 18 countr

CD68 | Poems by B.I.W.
November 10, 2021

Hi there,Welcome to Creative Drive! Today we feature poetry by B.I.W. (Beauty in Words)! Please stop by her social media, as I believe her work is fully realized with the visual components and collaborations this artist creates.Three poems:'the Queen's

CD67 | Poems by Januário Esteves
November 04, 2021

Hi there,Welcome to Creative Drive! Today we feature poetry by Janurio Esteves!More from the author here: Janurio Esteves was born in Coruche and was raised near Costa da Caparica,Portugal. He gr

CD66 | 2 Poems by Seema Prusty
October 27, 2021

Hello!Today we feature the poetry of Seema Prusty!Seema recently graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering in India, is currently married and settled in Kaust, Saudi Arabia, where her husband works as a Research Scientist. She is working there as wel

CD65 | Short Fiction by Christopher T. Dabrowski
October 13, 2021

Hello!Today we bring you the work of Christopher T. DabrowskiCLAIRVOYANT'S MISFORTUNEA short piece by Christopher T. Dabrowski.Translated by: Monika OlasekSupport the author here: https://www

CD64 | Prison Philosophy 101 - a short tale by Dr. Thomas Davison
September 29, 2021

Hi there,Creative Drive is back! Today we welcome back Dr. Thomas Davison! Thank you for sharing your work with us!Prison Philosophy 101 Originally featured in Teach. Write., Summer/Spring Edition, 2020About the author:Dr. Davison is teaching at two

CD63 - Power Outage Musing Number One (and Zero) | A poem by Jaime Alejandro
September 02, 2021

Hey friends,Creative Drive is back in action! I wanted to share some music and poetry experiments I have been working on recently. This is the first of a few more to come, and I hope I can keep sharing original work every now and then on the podcast. Thi

CD62 - Badass Black Girl Book Excerpt and Poetry by MJ Fievre
July 19, 2021

Hello friends,We are thrilled to present the work of MJ Fievre!ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, M.J. Fievre moved to the United States in 2002. She currently writes from Winter Garden, FL.M.J.s publishing career began as a teenager in