Covenant Presbyterian Church Lufkin

Covenant Presbyterian Church Lufkin

Latest Episodes

The Resurrection
April 09, 2023

How does The Resurrection of Jesus Christ effect the believer.

Cleansing the Judges
March 26, 2023

Jehoshaphat cleans the corruption from the justice system

The Christian and the Angels
March 26, 2023

Christians are but for a time lower than the angels

Christ and the Angles
March 26, 2023

Christ is far grater that any of the angles

GOD Is Faithful
March 05, 2023

Jehoshaphat learns that GOD is faithful to those who believe in him always 

The Value of a Soul
February 26, 2023

Cecil Paul urges the Christian to share his faith with the world 

The Sin of Kings
February 19, 2023

Jehoshaphat falls into sin concerning his relationship  with the kingdom of Israel  

Royally Faithful
February 12, 2023

Pastor Mark O'Neill preaches that through covenant faithfulness Jehoshaphat keeps his and his kingdom safe and righteous 

A Failure To Trust
February 12, 2023

Pastor Mark O'Neill talks about Asa's failure to trust God with his battles 

Divine encouragement
February 04, 2023

Pastor Mark O'neill preaches on Gods encouragement to the believer